Tour De Savoie Mont Blanc

The team entered the Tour de Savoie Mt Blanc with something to prove, and our main man Chris Harper delivered.

While it was “only” a 520km, five-stage race, it featured some of the toughest climbs on any calendar, with a massive 12,368 vertical metres climbed over the journey.

🇫🇷Stage 01🇫🇷

145km today, not overly complicated but with a very technical finish. We managed to get through the stage without expending too much energy which should pay dividends later in the week when we hit some sharp gradients!

🇫🇷Stage 02🇫🇷

We raced over the "Col de la Madeleine" of TDF infamy. Dylan was in a good break mid-race from which the eventual stage winner came. On the final climb, Chris rode past the remaining break and got to within 100m of the winner, a difficult decision by the team car not to go for the stage win to play our trump card later in the tour. Chris sits 2nd on GC with three stages to go. Who said cycling isn't a game of tactics? Unfortunately, we also have to report Peter Livingstone today DNF'd.

🇫🇷Stage 03 & 04🇫🇷

A double stage today, 75km in the morning, mostly downhill. All in all, a straightforward stage. That said, the easy days can often be taken advantage off. A significant break mid-race caused a bit of concern as they held off the peloton and took the win. Fortunately, there was no consequence to our GC hopes.

The afternoon stage was a more serious affair following the earlier shakeup. A late change in the course meant we wouldn't be racing over gravel. The lads rode a brilliant race. Dylan covered early moves before the Chris Harper show took over. Chris was the eventual winner on an uphill finish, with Dylan holding on for 4th. Chris now sits 1st on by 2' 57". Final stage tomorrow! 

🇫🇷Stage 05🇫🇷

Teamwork is what wins races, and today was a flawless display of our motto! Chris dominated the overall GC by 6min! After another sensational break an adding more time to his overall GC lead. It was all in the bad.

He also secured the KOM jersey, points jersey and the team as a whole took home the team classification.

Also taking out the KOM jersey, points jersey and the team as a whole picking up the team classification.

Chapeau lads! Couldn’t be more proud!

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