Tour of Utah

The twinkies were loaded in the jerseys, Mountain Dew in the bidons and the bike computers are set to “freedom units”. We were ready to take on Murcia!

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Prologue🇺🇸

Sitting at 2500m alt. we kicked off the tour today with a 5.6km TT. The lads rode well w/ Scott Bowden being our highlight coming in +24 off the pace and sitting in 19th. 

Hayden McCormick also had a cheeky lie down/power nap on the first corner after dropping too many watts as he pulled away, but we won’t mention that.

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 01🇺🇸

A toasty day out in North Logan. Scott has taken over the GC hopes following Chris Harper’s untimely illness.

Scott is currently sitting 20th and 30 seconds off the pace. We look ahead to tomorrow where we take on the 8.6 mile Powder Mountain, and it’s 16% gradients! 

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 02🇺🇸

It was all about Scott today.

The lads did a cracking job sheltering him from the wind and delivering him to the base of the climb.

He then lit it up on his way to the summit finishing 10th taking 3 positions on his way.

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 03🇺🇸

A fast day, Ayden was in an early break, which was unfortunately reeled back in. Hayden then had a massive dig and bridged across to the break that only got caught with about 1km to go.

Scott finished 9th and sits 11th on GC

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 04🇺🇸


A bitter sweet day for Hayden taking a solo flyer on the penultimate lap and cracking a nice sized gap..but miscalculating the laps to go; thinking it was the final lap he may have even cheekily posted up before

reality hit home.

Regardless he takes the consolation prize of the most aggressive jersey and a story he won’t soon forget!

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 05🇺🇸

Another day another story for Hayden. Trading blows up the final climb, going Mano e Mano with Lachy Morton (EF Education); it came down to a climactic lunge as only millimetres separated them at the line for a photo finish.

Hayden took second, but not all was lost as Hayden picked up maximum KOM points and traded out his red jersey for the blue. What a week he is having!

🇺🇸Tour of Utah: Stage 06🇺🇸

Well, that’s a wrap! Big congratulations to Hayden on his KOM jersey and Scott for taking 12th in GC.

All the boys rode sensationally and adapted superbly when the script was flipped following Chris’s sudden illness. We couldn’t be more proud of how the team worked for one another and left it all on the road. 

Thank you to all the backroom staff for all your hard work over the week.

A huge thank you to all our partners for enabling us to continue racing at this level and developing the next generation of world-class riders to come out of Oceania! 

Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out and cheered us on! The support has been incredible, and you’ve made this tour one we won’t soon forget! 

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